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Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future

The 195 Project will unite thought leaders from around the world who specialise in the areas of civil society, economics, and government. They will formulate an informed and decisive response that will help address the immediate challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their collaborative goal will be to formulate actionable solutions that will mitigate the devastating and catastrophic hardships faced by tens of millions of people during the aftermath of the pandemic. 


This can be accomplished only by researching, endorsing, and supporting good governance in giving, and setting a gold standard for philanthropy. Members of The 195 Project will work together to ensure that aid reaches the needy, without being swindled by the intermediary entities and individuals who greedily exploit the weaknesses in governance brought about by the disease for their personal profit.

United by Character

By actively uniting business leaders from all around the world and placing no precedence on political opinion or geopolitical alignment whatsoever, The 195 Project underscores Mr. Lo's belief that more unites us than divides us. In business, money loves peace, quiet, and stability, while post-war notions of the East and West, in reality, add obstacles to growth and trust.


The 195 Project aims to engage only business leaders of good character and conscience in this initiative. The project team will conduct concerted discussions with these people and ensure regular circulation of research and informational materials, to foster the formulation of policies for human interest, rather than personal profit. Mr. Lo believes that the wealthiest men and women in the world can, and will, rally behind new and innovative ideas that will change finance and philanthropy for the collective good.

Grow a Community

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Global Think Tank

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International Philanthropy

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Join the conversation to help shape the future of business in our world. The collective wisdom and resources of many can make a difference. Help us make a difference.

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