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The Covid-19 pandemic has had hard-hitting economic consequences throughout the world. Addressing these consequences and thereby mitigating the tragic effects of this pandemic for the generation of 2020 requires nonpartisan cooperation between the government, the third sector, and the civil society. The 195 Project is a globally diverse think tank established with this objective in mind. Its name symbolizes philanthropic initiatives that benefit all the 195 official nations of the world. The adverse effects of a global pandemic of this magnitude can be remedied only through a global effort. The threats that this pandemic leaves to humanity in its wake can be mitigated and solved only through a conscientious effort that positively impacts all the 195 countries. And that’s precisely what the 195 Project aims to achieve.

"We must adapt in the aftermath of the pandemic to create conditions that truly allow the young, innovative and ambitious to prosper."

Mr. Calvin Lo


Honour Where it is Due

The 195 Project will convene individual members from across six continents and spread the message among the public that philanthropy is not a partisan or political gesture. Rather, it is best understood and managed by individuals who have built valuable companies, and who understand how markets operate in reality. 


This think tank will exert enormous positive influence on philanthropic initiatives at a crucial moment in history when foreign aid is widely criticised for deskilling developing countries and enabling graft.


The CFL Initiative for Wealth, Philanthropy and Corporate Accountability (The 195 Project) seeks to provide comprehensive solutions to tackle the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the 76th anniversary of the Bretton Woods agreement, which shaped how global markets work.

Close up top view of young business peop


Join the conversation to help shape the future of business in our world. The collective wisdom and resources of many can make a difference. Help us make a difference.

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